Feature Event Requirements

Featured Event (FE) Requirements

  1. Discraft exclusivity as Discraft is the sponsor
    1. FE Players Packs (if discs) from Discraft
    2. Payouts in Discraft merchandise
    3. Only Discraft Disc to be displayed for sale
  2. For the PRO’s at a FE either $500.00 added to the PRO Purse or 200% payout for the PRO’s whichever is cheaper for the event.
  3. For the AM’s at a FE 125% payouts
    1. Payouts cannot utilize anything higher than MSRP for items like Trophies, Player Packs, Merchandise, etc.
  4. Berths are FREE and cannot be deducted from the payouts.
    1. Full retail value of berth packages for PDGA report
    2. This helps reach 150% payout
    3. Final amount will be determined by MDGO for berth package value (2012 Value was $45 Future Values will be adjusted accordingly)
  5. Each club who is awarded a FE must send a representative to another FE to run the basket toss or other side games determined by the MDGO. You cannot run the basket toss at your own event in lieu of sending a representative to another event.
  6. A TD report using at least the PDGA spreadsheet must be reported to auditor@mdgo.org to ensure the required payouts are met.
  7. All FE’s must be sanctioned. No minimum tier level is specified.
  8. Feature Events shall have a 75 mile exclusivity halo. If you are running a FE (or are interested in running on the following year), you cannot run any event sanctioned or unsanctioned on the same day as a featured event.
  9. No Five-somes.
  10. Berth winners must be reported to: berths@mdgo.org
  11. To help address the sandbagging issues at the Michigan State Championships, a motion was made and the Motion was passed:
    1. For the Am2/Am3 (including the women) divisions in Featured Events, if there is a player that takes 1st or 2nd place and that player has never had a PDGA membership the Featured Event will deduct from that player’s payouts $35 to cover the cost of buying them a PDGA membership.
    2. The remaining $10 was initially paid by the player at entry.
    3. The last missing $5 is because the MDGO is an Affiliate Club.
    4. Non-current PDGA members do not apply.
    5. The MDGO will reimburse $17 to the FE to help cover any loss.
    6. It is HEAVILY stressed that this needs to be advertised so the player base is aware of this prior to the event.
  1. The 1st 45 disc are given to the 1st 45 players that pay their entry fee (1 Disc Per weekend for split day events). These are supplied to us from Discraft. Value not to exceed MSRP or $12 Which ever is less for TD reporting.

Michigan State Doubles Requirements

**This may be out of date**

The MDGO will be accepting proposals to run the Michigan State Doubles Championships. These are due by Nov 1 of each year.  As part of the their proposal, we are looking to set a minimum standard for the event to ensure a high quality event for our players.
Clubs hosting this event will need to do the following:
1. Offer the following divisions:
MPO, FPO, MA1, MA2, FA1, FA2, MPM, MPG, MM1, MG1,
Open Mixed and Am Mixed.
2. The event will be run on 2 days to accommodate all divisions.
3. Min of $250 added $ to the Open field.
Min of 125% payout to ams
4. Submit a PDGA TD report to the MDGO auditor. (the event dose not have to be sanctioned).

Michigan State Match Play Requirements

**This may be out of date**

The Michigan Match Play Championships are sanctioned by the Michigan Match Play Association and are held the last weekend in June each year.

The first year (2012), the field was limited to a field of 16 players who had earned berths to compete in the Championships by participating at match play events held by member clubs around the State. In 2014, the field was expanded to 32 with each of the 8 founding clubs awarding three berths and the final 8 going to the returning champion and other players who had earned points by participating in the series.

While all players competing in the Championships compete in one single division, the match play events hosted by the Michigan Intercollegiate Match Play Challenge (MIDGC) offers a “club” division and a “college” division. Fees are determined by the hosting club. College students who compete in MIDGC events play for free and earn points toward a scholarship of $300 awarded each year.

When there are eight or more active (paid) clubs in the MiMPA, the tournament field for the Championships will be set at 32 (and perhaps expanded to 64), and be played over two days (Saturday and Sunday). When the number of active clubs is less than eight, the field for the Championships shall be set at 16 and be held on one day (Saturday).

Attached is a copy of the MiMPA Constitution for your additional information.