Report A Berth


1. Berths must be reported 4 weeks before the State Championship.

a. If league or tournament completes after the 4 week deadline you have 48 hours from
completion of event to report distributed berths.

2. Berth winners must be reported by the issuer to include the issuing
organization’s name.

3. Please report berths in the following manner.

a. Club/entity that awarded the berth.
b. Name and date of the event in which the berth was awarded.
c. First and last name of player and PDGA# (if available) or disc golf scene email as well as the division the berth was awarded.
d. *Example*

i. Really Cool Disc Golf Club
ii. Best Tournament Ever
iii. John Hyzer #12345
iv. Jane Hyzer #67890
v. Division berth awarded in


To report a berth a Google Form may be utilized.

Follow this LINK TO FORM and complete the 4-5 questions for each berth awarding.

Report a Error or ask a Berth Question