Feature Events – 2023

For 2023 the MDGO changed up the Feature Event organization. Now there are 3 levels of events with berths to award to the Amateur State Championships.

⟡ Gold: 24 berths total, B-tier or higher, min 2 rounds, min 144 players

◻ Silver: 12 berths total, C-tier or higher, min 2 rounds, min 72 players

▫ Bronze: 12 berths total, C-tier or higher, min 2 rounds tournament or 10 rounds sanctioned league

◯ Special: 18 berths total, Also available as a historical Series or Event

Date Event Level Link 1 Link 2
3/11-12 March Mush Gold Trny Trny
3/18-19 March Mayhem Gold Trny Trny
4/2 Party at the Lake Silver Trny
4/15-16 Flower Frenzy Gold Trny Trny
5/13-14 The Patriot Gold Trny Trny
5/13 Tim St. Aubin Memorial Silver Trny
5/20-21 South Kent County Open Gold Trny Trny
5/27-28 AJ Open Gold Trny Trny
5/28 Rain or Shine Clash Bronze Trny
5/29 Wolf Pack Discs Open Silver Trny
6/3-4 Massasauga Open Gold Trny Trny
6/3-4 Freeland Open Gold Trny Trny
6/17 Michigan Masters Special Trny
6/17-18 Vehicle City Open Gold Trny Trny
6/17-18 Green Lake Open Gold Trny
7/1-2 Mt. Pleasant Open Gold Trny Trny
7/1-2 Landwhale Open Silver Trny Trny
7/8-9 Midland Open Gold Trny Trny
7/?? Hyzernaut Open Silver Club Course
8/12 Motor City Open Silver Trny
3/20-8/14 Lansing Area Women’s League Bronze League
4/17-6/26 Random Baskets League Bronze League
4/29-8/13 Michigan Womens Special Series
8/26-27 Michigan Junior State Championships Champ Trny Trny
9/1-3 Michigan Amateur Championship Champ Trny LCQ
10/27-29 Michigan Pro State Championships Champ Trny