Feature Events – 2020

18 State Berths available at each event spread over multiple divisions

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic events March-May have been postponed or canceled and replaced with other events by the hosting clubs.
Please be patient in these trying times.

2/8-9 Cracked Plastic MP40/50, MA1/3, MA50/60, Juniors MPO, FPO, MA40, MA2, FA1/2
Gratiot County Open MP40/50, MA1/3, MA50
Donate berths to Midland Open
MPO, MP50, MA2/2, MA40/60, All Women
Donate berths to Mt Pleasant Open
6/20 Summer Solstice Pro, Am, Women, Junior
6/27-28 Summer Games MA1/3, MA40-70, Juniors All Pros, All Women, MA2/4
6/27-28 Road Commissioner Classic MPO, MP50, MA2/4, MA40/55, FA1/3 FPO, MP40/55, MA1/3, FA2/4, MA50
7/4-5 Midland Open MP40, MA1/3, MA50 MPO, All Women, MP50, MA2/4, MA40/60
7/11-12 Vehicle City Open MPO, All Women, MA40, MA2/4 MP50/50, MA1/3, MA50, Juniors
Wolf Pack Discs Open
Jackson Open
MP40, AM1/3, MA50, Juniors
All Pro, MA1/2/3/4, MA40/50, FA1/2/3
MPO, MA40, AM2, Women
AJ Open Pro, Am, Women, Junior
March Mush
MP40/60, MA50, MA2/3
MPO, FPO, MP40, MA1-4, FA1-4, MA40/60, Juniors
MPO, FPO, MP50, MA40/60, MA4, FA1/2/3/4
March Mayhem
River City Open
MP40, MA1/3
All Ams
MPO, MA2/4, MA40, Women
The Patriot MA2/4, MA40, FA1-4 MPO, FPO, MP40, MA1/3, MA50
8/8 Junior State Championship All Juniors
8/8-9 Farm Classic All Pro, MA2/4 MA1/3, FA1/2/3/4, MA40/50/60
8/9 Motor City Open Pro, Am, Women
8/15-16 Mount Pleasant Open MP40, MA50/60, MA1/3, Juniors MPO, FPO, MP50, MA2/4, FA1/2/3/4, MA40, FA40/50
8/22-23 Happy Discing Open MA2, FA1/3, MA40/50, FA40/50 MPO, FPO, MP40/50, FP40/50, MA1/3
9/5-6 Amateur State Championship All Amateurs Last Chance Qualifier
WPD Flex Warm Up
9/18-20 Professional State Championship All Pros