Hall of Fame Process

Michigan Disc Golf Hall of Fame

Administered by The Michigan Disc Golf Organizational


To recognize those people in Michigan that have helped make Michigan Disc Golf the great sport it is.


Every year starting in 2015 the MDGO group will nominate people in the Michigan Disc Golf community who we feel are important to Michigan Disc Golf.

  1. Formal Committee:
    • Keith Aten, Jeff Schwass, John Minicuci, and PDGA State Coordinator
  2. If the committee needs to bring in new, we will petition the MDGO in the future
  3. Voting is not going to be done by the MDGO clubs or entities
  4. New yearly class of HoF to be approved by the current inductees
  5. Need to keep the 5 year limit on the process for HoF
  6. MDGO HoF nominees need to have promoted Michigan disc golf in a positive way
    • Current list of nominees will be visited and trimmed accordingly moving forward
  7. Next process review after the 2024 election

Hall of Fame Hosting:

The Hall of Fame will reside in a virtual form on the MDGO web site www.mdgo.org.

A plaque with the names and year of induction will also be made. It will be a traveling plaque to but not limited to: Michigan State Championships, FE’s. And other important Michigan Disc Golf Events.

It will be the PDGA State coordinators responsibility to host it when it is not on the move.

Hall of Fame :

The MDGO every year will create a disc honoring that years inductees. This will be a fund raiser disc for the MDGO.

The MDGO will also have a plaque made to give to the inductees. This is for recognition for their contributions to Michigan Disc Golf.

The Hall of fame inductees will receive their award and be recognized at The Michigan Disc Golf Championships.