State Schedule – 2020

Below is the schedule as of January 2020.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic the below schedule is no longer accurate. Events March-??? were canceled or postponed. It is not possible to maintain the schedule with all the changes constantly happening. Use this as a guide but we recommend you check Disc Golf Scene for updated tournaments.

Here’s the link  Disc Golf Scene Tournaments

Events in YELLOW are MDGO important dates

Events in GREEN are Feature Events

Events in RED are A-Tier Events

Events in BLUE are PDGA Majors

Events in ORANGE are A-Tier Events in nearby states

DateEvent NameTierCityEntity
1-1Hangover Bowl VULeonard Disc Golf for a Cause
1-1Let’s Get Some PointsCJacksonWPD
1-11Ice Burrrg OpenCLansingCCR
1-11GRDoD Ice BOWL 2020UKentwoodGRDoD
1-1218th Annual Freezebee Ice BowlUTroyMCCG
1-18Frigid Doe Ice BowlCMount PleasantMPDGC
1-1810th Annual Irving Park Ice BowlUBattle CreekPJ’s Gang
1-25Willow WonderlandCNew BostonHuron Valley
1-26FrostBITE FeverUBig RapidsBig Rapids DGC
2-1MDGO Pick Up Day
2-1Disc Golf Fanatic Super Bowl TourneyCYpsilantiMOB North
2-13rd Annual Three Rivers Ice BowlUThree RiversSt. Joe
2-2SuperHowl SundayCJacksonWPD
2-8Cracked Plastic ClassicBClimaxK’Aces
2-9Cracked Plastic ClassicBClimaxK’Aces
2-15GRDoD Winter GamesCKentwoodGRDoD
2-16Cross Town ClassicURoyal OakMCCG
2-22Frozen FlyerzUHollyFTF
2-23Kent Lake ClassicCMilfordHuron Valley
2-29Tournament/League Director SummittFlint
2-29GRDoD Winter GamesCKentwoodGRDoD
2-29Shore Acres Ice Bowl VUSaugatuckSADGC
3-1The Try OutCJacksonWPD
3-7Lumberjack OpenBKalamazooK’Aces
3-7Frosty’s RevengeCYpsilantiMOB South
3-8Lumberjack Open BKalamazooK’Aces
3-8Legendary Sleepy Hollow DoublesUTrip Cs
3-14March MushBLaingsburgCCR
3-14Angry LeprechaunCYpsilantiWC Glow
3-15March MushBLaingsburgCCR
3-15March MudfestC/BShelby TwpMCCG
3-21March MayhemBGrand RapidsGRDGU
3-21Spring Throw Down @ StonecoCWhiteford Twp.MOB South
3-22March MayhemBGrand RapidsGRDGU
3-22Party at the PondsCYpsilantiMOB North
3-28Southern Michigan OpenAm ADexterMOB North
3-28The Windy LyonPro CNew HudsonHuron Valley
3-28Bobis Ace RaceUAuburn HillsMCCG
3-29Southern Michigan OpenAm ADexterMOB North
4-4Wolf Pack Discs OpenBWhitmore LakeWPD
4-4Big City SlamsCJacksonSHE-Unit DGC
4-5Wolf Pack Discs OpenBWhitmore LakeWPD
4-5JC OpenCKentwoodLumberjack Discs
4-11Angry SquirrelCAlbionK’Aces
4-11Chain ReactionCHollyBADG
4-11Kellie Jo MemorialCWhitmore LakeWC Glow
4-11April AnhyzerCLowellGRDoD
4-11NWS Big RapidsCBig RapidsNWS
4-12NWS Big RapidsCBig RapidsNWS
4-17Just Foolin’ AroundUHamburgA3
4-18No Foolin’Am ADexterA3
4-18Death By BuzzzUHollyDeath by Disc
4-19No Foolin’Am ADexterA3
4-25QuinvitationalAm BLudingtonMCDGO
4-25Kentwood ClassicBKentwoodGRDGU
4-25Pine Hills Women’s OpenCLaingsburgDetroit Hyzernauts
4-25Three Rivers Sports Complex Grand OpeningUThree RiversSt. Joe
4-25Champion’s ChallengeUBig RapidsBig Rapids DGC
4-25Spring Fling DoublesUHollandSADGC
4-26Kentwood ClassicBKentwoodGRDGU
4-26Spring FlingC/BLeonardMCCG
4-26QuinvitationalPro CLudingtonMCDGO
5-2Gratiot County OpenC/BNorth StarGratiot
5-2Tree Love ClassicCDavisonBADG
5-2One Disc ChallengeUDexterA3
5-2CCR Open Dubs FundraiserUHoltCCE
5-2Flip City OpenBShelbyNWS
5-3Gratiot County OpenC/BNorth StarGratiot
5-3Flip City OpenBShelbyNWS
5-9The Lower Peninsula OpenADexterWOW
5-9La Fleurs de FallasburgCWyomingJenX Creations
5-9Kingsley OpenCKingsleyAloft
5-10The Lower Peninsula OpenADexterWOW
5-15The Patriot DoublesUOtisvilleBADG
5-16MOB North ShootoutAm AYpsilantiMOB North
5-16Hammond Hill Grand PrixB/CHastingsGRDGU
5-16The PatriotCOtisvilleBADG
5-16Dunesview DoublesU SaugatuckSADGC
5-17Hammond Hill Grand PrixB/CHastingsGRDGU
5-17MOB North ShootoutAm AYpsilantiMOB North
5-17The PatriotCOtisvilleBADG
5-17Capital City ChallengeCLansingCCR
5-23Kalamazoo OpenAKalamazooK’Aces
5-24Kalamazoo OpenAKalamazooK’Aces
5-24Michigan MastersCNorth StarGratiot
5-24H2OpenUBig RapidsBig Rapids DGC
5-25Jackson OpenCJacksonWPD
5-25Devil’s Ridge ChallengeCOxford29
5-25NorthRidge OpenCPlymouthHuron Valley
5-30AJ OpenC/BLudingtonMCDGO
5-30Black Ace OpenCFlintBADG
5-31Tower OpenC/BGreenvilleLumberjack Discs
5-30Daywalker DoublesXCWhitmore LakeWC Glow
5-31LP OpenCIoniaChain-Out
5-31Rollin’ N’ Rippen OpenCYpsilantiMOB South
6-5United States Amateur Disc Golf ChampionshipsMMilfordMDGO
6-6United States Amateur Disc Golf ChampionshipsMMilfordMDGO
6-6Disc GirlsBLaingsburgTrip C
6-6NWS Hanson HillsCGraylingNWS
6-6The 5th Annual PJ Jean MemorialUSpringfieldPJ’s Gang
6-7United States Amateur Disc Golf ChampionshipsMMilfordMDGO
6-7Disc Girls DoublesULaingsburgTrip C
6-13Michigan Amateur OpenAm AHollyFTF
6-13Catalpa OpenBBridgman
6-13Fairway Dreamin’ DoublesUHollandSADGC
6-14Michigan Amateur OpenAm AHollyFTF
6-14Catalpa OpenBBridgman
6-20Ohio Amateur ChampionshipsAm AWellington, OH
6-20Summer SolsticeBDexterA3
6-20Shore Acres OpenBSaugatuckSADGC
6-202020 Hands to the SunCOxfordMMDGC
6-20Sturgis Fest CSturgisSt. Joe
6-21Ohio Amateur ChampionshipsAm AWellington, OH
6-21Shore Acres OpenBSaugatuckSADGC
6-21Firefighters ClassicC/BTroyMCCG
6-27Brent Hambrick Memorial OpenAm AWesterville, OH
6-27Road Commissioner ClassicBCass BentonHuron Valley
6-27GRDoD Summer GamesCKentwoodGRDoD
6-27Hickory Hills OpenBTraverse CityNWS
6-27Kalamazoo Ladies ClassicC/BKalamazooK’Aces
6-28Brent Hambrick Memorial OpenAm AWesterville, OH
6-28Road Commissioner ClassicBCass BentonHuron Valley
6-21GRDoD Summer GamesCKentwoodGRDoD
6-28Hickory Hills OpenBTraverse CityNWS
6-28West Shore ShowdownCScottvilleMCDGO
6-28Local LegendsUBig RapidsBig Rapids DGC
7-4Midland OpenCMidlandMDGO
7-4Johnson Park ChampionshipCWalkerGRDGU
7-4Red, White, & Blue ShootoutUAnn ArborWC Glow
7-5Midland OpenCMidlandMDGO
7-11Vehicle City OpenBFlintFTF
7-11Hybrid MonsterCThree RiversSt. Joe
7-11Women Shoot the MittCWhitmore LakeWC Glow
7-11Eight Clovers DoublesUWest OliveSADGC
7-11Peg Town OpenCMaple CityAloft
7-12Vehicle City OpenBFlintFTF
7-12Hammond Hills OpenC/BHastingsLumberjack Discs
7-12Hudson Mills Summer SlingCDexterMOB North
7-12Melting in JulyUDexterA3
7-12Buck Creek OpenULyonsChain-Out
7-17CCR OpenADimondaleCCR
7-18CCR OpenADimondaleCCR
7-18Berthday BirthdayUAu GresAu Gres
7-19CCR OpenADimondaleCCR
7-24Discraft Great Lake Open-DGPTPro AMilfordMDGO
7-25Discraft Great Lake Open-DGPTPro AMilfordMDGO
7-25Discraft Great Lake OpenAm AMilfordMDGO
7-25Winny OpenCHollandWPDGC
7-26Discraft Great Lake Open-DGPTPro AMilfordMDGO
7-26Discraft Great Lake OpenAm AMilfordMDGO
7-31Lake Superior OpenASuperior, WI
7-31Brent Hambrick Memorial OpenPro AWesterville, OH
7-31River City OpenAGrand RapidsGRDGU
8-1River City OpenAGrand RapidsGRDGU
8-1Lake Superior OpenASuperior, WI
8-1Brent Hambrick Memorial OpenPro AWesterville, OH
8-1Pipeline ClassicCYpsilantiHuron Valley
8-2Lake Superior OpenPro ASuperior, WI
8-2Brent Hambrick Memorial OpenPro AWesterville, OH
8-2River City OpenAGrand RapidsGRDGU
8-8Farm ClassicC/BShelbyFlip City
8-8Michigan State Junior ChampionshipsCHollyBADG
8-8Michigan MastersCNorth StarGratiot
8-8Getting Inspired @ Far HillCSpartaInspired DG
8-8Sasquatch OpenCVicksburgK’Aces
8-8Cherry Capital OpenCTraverse CityAloft
8-9Motor City OpenBLeonardMCCG
8-9Farm ClassicC/BShelbyFlip City
8-9Birthday ClassicUWhitmore LakeA3
8-15Mount Pleasant OpenC/BMount PleasantMPDGC
8-15Flint Town Flyerz OpenCFlintFTF
8-15GRDGU Team TournamentUWalkerGRDGU
8-15Break the Mold DoublesUWest OliveSADGC
8-15Sherwood OpenCTroyWPD
8-16Mount Pleasant OpenC/BMount PleasantMPDGC
8-16Morning Wood OpenUWashingtonWPD
8-221st Annual Horsin’ Around At Black FalconBKent CityDB
8-22Avalanche Mountain OpenCBoyne CityNWS
8-231st Annual Horsin’ Around At Black FalconBKent CityDB
8-23Lakeshore Summer SlingCYpsilantiMOB North
8-23Michigan Senior OlympicsUTroyMSO
8-29Thrills @ Indy LakeCWhitmore LakeMOB South
8-30Hamburg OpenCHamburgHuron Valley
9-4WPD Flex Start Warm Up SinglesCLudingtonWPD
9-4State Championship Last Chance QualifierULudingtonMDGO
9-5Discraft Michigan Amateur State ChampionshipsBLudingtonMDGO
9-6Discraft Michigan Amateur State ChampionshipsBLudingtonMDGO
9-7This Little Piggy Stayed HomeCPlymouthHuron Valley
9-7Hangover Doubles @ Flip CityUShelbyNWS
9-12Kalamazoo ChampionshipCComstockK’Aces
9-12Burchfield OpenCHoltCCR
9-12MCCG Ace RaceUTroyMCCG
9-13Parchement ChampionshipCParchmentK’Aces
9-13Hudson Mills OpenCDexterMOB North
9-13Jake Hanley Memorial EventUIonia/HastingsChain-Out
9-18Michigan State Professional ChampionshipsBFreelandFreeland
9-19Michigan State Professional ChampionshipsBFreelandFreeland
9-19Grand Rapids ChampionshipC/BByron CenterLumberjack Discs
9-19Big DawgCBig RapidsBig Rapids DGC
9-19Huckleberry CupUJacksonWPD
9-19Death By InvitationalULaingsburgDeath By Disc
9-20Michigan State Professional ChampionshipsBFreelandFreeland
9-20CJ’s OpenUDexterA3
9-20Royal Oak OpenURoyal OakMCCG
9-26Northern Michigan ChampionshipBTraverse CityNWS
9-26Battle for Old FarmCKentwoodGRDGU
9-26Washtenaw County OpenCWhitmore LakeWC Glow
9-262020 Hucking HarvestULeonardMMDGC
9-27Northern Michigan ChampionshipBTraverse CityNWS
9-27Big Beaver OpenCNew BostonMOB South
10-3Oakland County OpenB/AMilfordWOW
10-3Wilddeer OpenCMount PleasantMPDGC
10-4Oakland County OpenB/AMilfordWOW
10-4The Illuminati OpenCLudingtonBADG
10-10Dynasty of Champions 2020CTrentonDawg Pound
10-10Fall Color ClassicCHastingsGRDoD
10-11Firefighters FinaleUTroyMCCG
10-17Michigan State Doubles ChampionshipsBHoltCCR
10-17Goldenrod ChampionshipsCDavisonFTF
10-17Fall Throw Down @ StonecoCWhiteford Twp.MOB South
10-17Hauntung at the HillsXCYpsiltantiWC Glow
10-17Fright Night DoublesUSaugatuckSADGC
10-185th Annual Triple Threat ChallengeUTroySmall City DG
10-18Michigan State Doubles ChampionshipsBHoltCCR
10-24Ichabod Crane OpenCLaingsburgCCR
10-24Mystic LabyrinthUYpsilantiA3
10-25MOB North’s Roll & Throw TourneyCYpsilantiMOB North
10-25Stony Creek OpenCShelby TwpTeam Stony
10-31Fallasburg OpenC/BLowellLumberjack Discs
10-31Hines Drive Chainstar MassacreCNorthvilleHuron Valley
11-1Turkey DoublesUShelby TwpMCCG
11-7Project R’lyehCHollyBADG
11-7Bark @ The MoonXCTemperanceMOB South
11-14The Bandemer OpenUAnn ArborWC Glow
11-15Kick Out the YamsCLansingCCR
11-22Turkey & Chains 14th HelpingCYpsilantiMOB North
11-283 Birdies in a RowCMilfordHuron Valley
11-29Stone ColdCShelby TwpTeam Stony
12-6Holiday HyzerCYpsilantiMOB North
12-12Death By WinterUAnn ArborDeath By Disc
12-20Last Chance For PointsCDexterMOB North
12-26Cassius BentonCNorthvilleHuron Valley