Berth/FE Requests

The berth request deadline for the 2024 season is Nov. 19, 2023 at midnight.

New clubs please join our page for all MDGO info.

If you do not sign up to this group you will not get important info about the MDGO. We will not send out reminders for any due dates. These are all done via the community.

Failure to pick up Berths or make arrangements to get your berths by the due date and time will result in your Berths being redistributed and you may not be able to request berths in future years as a penalty! This process takes many hours to compile and when clubs fail to do as instructed it messes the entire process up. You have been notified.

You will receive a return email with a Thanks Posted message when we receive the Berth request. Please allow 2 days for us to get them posted. If you do not get this reply please resend the names to MDGO Berth Manager John “Nacho” Norkowski at We have experienced some of the submissions not get to us. Thanks.

You may request a certain # of Berths or MAX.

If you are a 1st year club MAX is set at 1. Other clubs # is determined by years of participation.

In 2023, in order to encourage more Women and Age Protected participation in the Amateur State Championship, it was voted on to allow clubs to 1 additional berth to specifically be offered to Women, and 1 specifically to be offered to an Age Protected division.  This is in addition to the number allocated based on tenure.  These do not have to be accepted by the club, or the club could choose either one if desired.

All Berth Request should be made through and answer the below questions:

  • Club Name:
  • Contact Name:
  • Contact Email:
  • Number Requested: (1, Max, Other)
  • Request Additional Women Only Berth: (Yes/No)
  • Request Additional Age Protected Only Berth: (Yes/No)

Feature Event Requests

In 2022 the Feature Event process was updated for the following year to offer tiers (Gold, Silver, Bronze) in order to allow newer clubs to still host a Feature Event.  Requests to host a Feature Event will open during the annual winter meetings and will be voted on by the existing MDGO clubs during an open online forum.  Once again, please join and follow the page for all MDGO info.