Plant a basket program

**This may be out of date**

Michigan Disc Golf Organization Plant-A-Basket Program

The MDGO is proud to provide the “Plant – a – Basket” Program Featuring Discraft Chainstars!

Rules for New Courses:

  1. Must be a public course
  2. A minimum of 9 New and a maximum of 18 New disc golf holes
  3. 9 holes = 1 free basket, 18 holes = 2 free baskets
  4. The initial purchase (9 holes/ 18 holes) must be Discraft Chainstar’s
  5. First come first served ○ A wait list will be created and kept in case a project falls through or more baskets become available.

Rules for Course Upgrades:

  1. Must be a public course that exceeds 25 years’ status ○ The 25 years is relevant to the request date
  2. The program is a buy eight Discraft Chainstar’s baskets – get one free

○This option has a maximum of 2 Free Discraft Chainstar’s baskets from the MDGO Requests will be sorted by the following items:

  1. Course in date (for new) – When the new holes will be installed
  2. Course upgrade date (for upgrades) – When the new baskets will be installed
  3. Request date –

When you make the request Email request from the ‘sponsoring’ club needs to include:

  1. A written request from the property representative with description of installation, usage, and location.
  2. A promise that the installation will not be removed for 48 months.

Please email your request to: