Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a berth?

A: A Berth is an invitation to an event.  In our case the “Discraft’s Amateur Michigan Disc Golf Championship.”  Also included will be merchandise which may vary from year to year but normally include at least a custom full color mini.

Q: How many berths are there?

A: There are a total of 720 individual spots (previously 576) available for the Amateur Championship which will be divided up into various pools with limitations per division.  So every player with a berth could play in the Championship, but all berth winners must preregister.

Q: How do I win a berth?

A: There are 3 ways to be awarded a berth:

  1. Awarded at an MDGO Feature Event (6-24 total per event)
    • Normally distributed among the amateur divisions based on their sizes.
  2. Awarded by a club/organization/series (1-5 based on tenure)
    • Normally awarded via leagues or events at the group’s discretion as long as it is a competitive disc golf activity.
  3. Won on the day before the Championship in the Last Chance Qualifier
    • All remaining spots are open to be won based on performance versus other competing per division.

Q: If I win a berth and then decide not to use it, can I give my spot it to someone else?

A: No, berths are nontransferable once awarded and reported.

Q: When can berths be awarded?

A: Event/Club Berths can start to be awarded on January 1st and must be awarded by 10 days before the Championships at which point, they will be voided.  Then then the remaining open spots in the Championship will be available via the Last Chance Qualifier.

Q: How do I know if I won a berth?  How do I use it?

A: The easiest way is for the player to have a profile on  This way the berth will be linked to their account and will allow them to register for the Championships directly.  If a player does not have a DGS profile, then they should contact the MDGO Berth Manager: John “Nacho” Norkowski at or the tournament director of the Championships.

Q: If there are any spots left will I be able to sign up without a berth?

A: **This information may be out of date** Yes, but only on the Saturday morning of the Championship at the course for the division you wish to play.  Note that additional fees may apply.  This would be a first come, first served situation.  Many divisions tend to fill, so early bird gets the worm.

Q: How much does a berth cost?

A: A berth cannot be bought by a player but are awarded by a competitive disc golf activity.  The awarding event/club/organization/series pays $20 for each.

Q: How does a group request berths and award to players?

A: There are multiple steps:

  1. Request must be submitted to by a date specified by the MDGO, normally around the end of November the year before.
  2. Only 1 person may request for 1 organization. If an organization runs multiple events or leagues, then each berth package would need to be requested by a unique person.
  3. Once applications are confirmed Berth packages must be paid for and picked up at the annual disc distribution meeting.  Normally in early February.
  4. Failure to meet these requirements (each year) may result in loss of berth in the future.
  5. Berths are awarded by competitive disc golf play through an event or league.  Allocation is generally based on placement within a division.  If a player has already received a berth, they are not awarded a second one, it is then awarded to the next best player finishing player.
  6. Berths are reported via a Google Form.  See the Berth Reporting Page for more information.