Understanding Berths

Q: What is a Berth ?

A: A Berth is a invitation to an event, in our case “Discraft’s Michigan Disc Golf Championship” a berth is your ticket to play in the event.

Discraft Michigan Disc Golf Championship”


Q: How to win a MDGO State Championship Berth ?

A: There are 3 ways to win:

  1. Awarded at an MDGO Feature Event
  2. Awarded by local clubs/organizers based on competition
  3. Won on the Friday before State Championship in a last chance qualifier tournament (minimum of 10 spots will be available for this event each year)

Q. If there are any spots left will I be able to signup with out a berth?

A: Yes but only Saturday morning of  the Event (additional fees may apply), it is first come first served and this event has a tendency to fill so “early bird gets the worm.”

Q: How Many Berths Are there?

With 18 Berths for each MDGO Feature Events

Additional Berths available for distribution by local clubs/organizers

(found on our club berths page)

10 Berths reserved for our Friday last chance qualifier

Q: How many players can play in the States Championship?

A: There are 576 individual spots available for the Championship.

So every Player with a Berth could play but All Berth Winners Must Pre Register

You must have a Berth to pre-register for this event.

Understanding the Berth Process

Berths are an invitation (and award package) to the Michigan Disc Golf Championships.

Berths are avail to Feature Events and to entities promoting Disc Golf in Michigan.

The number of berths are determined by available spots in the State Championships. Currently 576.

18 berths are awarded to each Feature Event. 10 are held for the Last Chance Qualifier. The remainder are split up to the entities.

These are distributed by prior involvement in the berth process. Numbers are determined by the MDGO Group.

Feature Event berths are given to them at no charge.

All other berths are $20 ea. They include full color disc and matching mini, Discraft hat, trinket and a Z Line Discraft disc with MDGO hot stamp.  Exception sponsor berths and LCQ berths.

Berths are requested at

Request must be made by the deadline set by the MDGO.

One person may only request for 1 Org.  You may not request for multiple.

Berths may not be issued prior to Jan 1.

Berths are to be paid for by and picked at the annual disc distribution meeting. The MDGO will not send reminders or make arrangements for you. This is your responsibility.

Failure to meet this requirement may result in loss of berths in the future as determined by the MDGO Group.

Berths are to be only given/awarded by competitive Disc Golf.

Berths are NOT transferable. Once awarded it is that person’s berth.

Berths must be registered for the State Championships 1 week prior to the Championship.

Berths are to reported by the issuer to  or using the Berth Reporting Tab

Berths reported must be in this format:

Name PDGA or email. NO #.

Proper Caps. NO division.

ie. John Doe 23456 or John Doe

Failure to send in this format may not be accepted.

Name of Org issuing the berth and your name must be included.

Failure to report your berth by the Thursday prior to the State Championships may result in loss of berths in the future as determined by the MDGO Group.